5 perfect winter shoes when you’re plump

perfect winter shoes

Do we really have to choose between comfort and style when looking for winter shoes when we are plump? Obviously not! It is perfectly possible to combine the two during the winter season. However, there are certain models to avoid in order to sublimate your legs, they could puddle you or weigh down your silhouette. For that, you can count on this little guide to help you choose your future favorite pair of shoes.

1. Ankle boots for pants

In winter as in autumn, boots or ankle boots flourish in stores. They are often very attractive, whether it is the shape, the cut, the material, the color, etc. Not to mention comfort! Whether you are thin, round, tall or short, know that all women agree on this point, comfort is not negligible when buying a pair of shoes.

If you are round and you have thick legs, this type of shoe will not be able to highlight your luscious female figure if you reveal your legs with a little dress or a skirt. Indeed, the latter come to cut your legs and pack your silhouette .

Also, consider choosing low boots and heels . High and flat ankle boots are to be excluded from your wardrobe, because these will fatten your calves and cut your silhouette.

2. Pumps for chic

To lengthen your silhouette, there’s nothing like a pair of pumps. These are really the shoes to have absolutely in your wardrobe if you are curvy. The only downside is still the comfort… But fortunately, the manufacturers have thought of everything so that you remain feminine without losing comfort: pumps for wide feet . Thus, you will feel less cramped and you benefit from a perfectly curved pair of legs. In addition, for more stability, you can opt for thick heels, a good alternative to ballet flats (to be avoided at all costs!!).

3. Wide calf boots for comfort and style

Boots are really winter’s favorite shoes, elegant, comfortable… But not always suitable for curvy women. Thus, to overcome this problem, there are boots specially designed for this occasion: wide calf boots like the very beautiful models on this site . These allow luscious women to afford a pair of boots without being complexed vis-à-vis the size of their calves.

You can wear them over pants , but the most elegant and feminine combination is with a dress or skirt. This is the ideal solution if you don’t like to reveal your legs too much.

4. Brogues and derbies for elegance

These little city shoes are particularly elegant in town. You will find flat models or with heels, both options are very comfortable and suitable for all feet: thin, wide, normal, etc. In addition, the big advantage of these little shoes is that they go with everything: jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, etc.

5. Sneakers for the casual touch

Sneakers have a bad reputation with rounders , because they pack the silhouette and are reserved only for sportswear . However, they can be worn in town or elsewhere, because they are terribly comfortable! In addition, if sports models are to be left in the closet, city sneakers are available in different models. They go just as well with jeans as with a dress for a sportswear look . There are also some models that have a thick sole, which gives more height to your body and thus refines your silhouette.

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