6 tips for losing facial weight easily

facial weight easily

Some women complex on their thighs, their belly, their chest. For others, it is the round face that is the cause of a lack of self-confidence.

Are you blocking your plump cheeks and your chin which fades in favor of the curves of your face? Here ‘s how to lose face weight naturally and without difficulty!

Do facial gymnastics

Women who have a double chin or wrinkles know it, facial gymnastics is a wonderful ally! Indeed, practiced daily, it makes it possible to obtain very satisfactory results on the firmness and tone of the skin . And since it is a question of refining here, here is how to proceed!

To redraw the oval of the face and lose the double chin , perform a very simple facial gymnastics exercise . The latter consists of tilting the head slightly back while closing the mouth, then making jaw movements forward (lower jaw).

For the cheeks , all you have to do is wince ! Yes, making a face is sometimes good! For example, you can have fun trying the tip of your nose with your lips or sucking on your cheeks while holding the contracted positions!

If you perform these two exercises well ten times each and twice a day, you will gradually see your face become more refined.

Eat a balanced diet without sticking to a restrictive diet

No, we are not going to advise you yet another restrictive diet leading straight to the unwanted yoyo effect . Slimming the face, however, necessarily includes losing weight more generally. One of the first things you can change is how you eat. Adopting a balanced diet is the key to losing a few extra pounds!

To start, head for a food rebalancing instead of trying a diet. For one thing, you don’t necessarily need the latter to only lose face. On the other hand, the diet is well known for creating frustrations. To continue to eat what you like without depriving yourself , adopt a food rebalancing to answer the famous question of how to lose weight easily . Thus, you will be able to create 100% personalized menus adapted to your needs with a playful point system! Not only are the recipes easy to make, but we continue to enjoy ourselves and we take on wonderful cooking habits!

Massage your face with a suitable cream

Don’t forget to incorporate facial massage into your beauty routine to stimulate micro blood circulation. With well-executed gestures (from the inside out), you will be able to maximize the actions you have put in place alongside.

Instead of using your traditional skincare, treat yourself to a slimming face cream . Yes, yes, it exists! With specific compositions to act against fat cells, they help eliminate toxins and melt fat. You would be wrong not to try!

Discover the benefits of facial gua sha

Lately, we’ve been hearing more and more about the gua sha trend for the face. What is it about ? Gua Sha is an ancestral Asian treatment in the field of beauty. Using a precious stone accessory (jade or quartz), it is a question of stimulating the micro blood circulation of the face to eliminate toxins. Used as a miraculous anti-aging treatment, gua sha is recommended for its firming properties . You, who dream of a well-defined facial contour, this is undoubtedly a natural treatment to which you should turn. While refining your contours, the gua sha stone stimulates energy. It detoxifies the skin, diminishes dark circles and improves the complexion! It would therefore be a shame to deprive yourself of its formidable beauty properties.

Practice a sporting physical activity

You guessed it, we had to address it: sport is good for your health! To lose weight, whatever the desired area, you must always go through the physical activity box. A regular practice of a cardio activity makes it possible to refine the silhouette and to tap into the fat reserves stored by the body . Swimming, cycling, walking, running, it’s up to you to find which activity motivates you the most for a smooth return to sport.

lose face

When you can’t take the round shape of your face any longer, the best solution is (as so often) to change your face . Did you know that there are more suitable haircuts for round faces ?

The latter break the curves of the face and give a completely different perception of the features when they are well carried out in order to refine. Ask your hairdresser for advice!

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