Choosing a handbag for classes

handbag for classes

Fashion and accessories, a lifestyle that begins at school

Fashion has no complex and insinuates itself more and more into school; example, study or course bags increasingly resembling handbags. Normal: It is in the daily life of all those who are interested in it and for whom it is a way of life. It does not matter whether it is a game of roles or appearances, it brings its share of pleasure and comfort, to see progress, to varying degrees, to thousands of people in search of daily well-being and for whom accessories fashion and ready-to-wear are an integral part of their personality and their way of life.

First steps of the fashion-style school bag

Symptomatic of this societal evolution, handbags for downright trendy courses, more or less chic or trendy, are appearing in the classrooms of high schools and other universities, putting a breath of fresh air among female students because it is above all on the arms of young women we see these new accessories of student or school life. Ridiculous, out of place, inappropriate? Not sure or not so simple…

School is the place where young people express their personality

Some unfortunates will surely be sorry for this trend which, in their eyes, only reinforces the symbols of contemporary individualism from an early age, no doubt regretting the good old days of gray blouses and uniforms. However, the best is not necessarily the enemy of the good, fashion in its broad sense can also express a certain facet of its personality and thus contribute to the development of people, even teenagers.

Then, school is the first place where we learn to confront others: Why pretend to believe that we are all equal in the sense of identical? Tastes and needs are different from an early age, fashion expresses this very well. And then, with ready-to-wear for teenagers, the brands were already at school, so it’s not really new. Finally, because leather goods are not always in bad taste, flashy and showy!

Handbags adapted to the course… or not!

Until now, schoolbags and backpacks found in schools were not of high quality, made of rather dubious materials, of minimalist design, of distant origin and often displaying large flashy logos. Not really exemplary as a purchase… There are also and still the good old leather satchels but they are not always to the taste of female customers: too heavy, too rigid, too masculine, … not really glamorous! Rest assured (?), all this is not going away, at least not right away!

A pleasure purchase that is sometimes judicious and useful

But for all those who aspire to more refinement and pleasure, an alternative was needed. The choice of a quality leather or canvas bag for lessons is therefore far from being silly because many brands specializing in bags, and not always the best known and most expensive, offer very well designed and tasteful items. , which can be easily adapted to this use. If in addition they provide pleasure and comfort and introduce some notions of style to school or college, what are we complaining about?

Of course, the budget will be revised upwards because, let’s face it, it’s still a somewhat luxury version of the school bag, reserved for a more careful audience than the average and probably more affluent. Maybe not before the terminal for example…

Above, in image/slideshow, a small selection of models, among others on, which could easily be converted into school bags, each in different styles, according to affinities…

The right school bags for all those who are not “trendy”

But if, despite everything, you’re a little conservative or not really fashionable, don’t panic! Leather goods always offer a wide choice of formats dedicated to studies, courses and professional activities of all kinds. Why not take a look at our exclusive collections of quality briefcases and briefcases , unless you are interested in a selection of bags dedicated to the laptop, a thinner profile therefore less bulky that suits both women and men for its lightness and elegance.

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