Coverage foundation: for whom? Why ? How ?

Coverage foundation

Finding the ideal makeup product sometimes seems more complicated than finding the person to share your life with! And all the more so when you have skin with imperfections. But like a Prince Charming from a fairy tale, full-coverage foundation enters the scene! But who is it for and how do you know if it’s the skincare for you? How does it work and how is it different from another concealer or from all those flooding the make up shelves?

Who is full coverage foundation for?

If you recognize yourself in the following statements, it’s probably because you need to swap your usual makeup product for a full-coverage foundation:

I want to hide a tattoo

If in the past, foundation for lack of coverage was more like plasterer’s coating than make-up product, this era is fortunately over! Today, its formulation makes it a real anti-imperfection treatment, whose covering power is ensured by the pigments.

What is a high coverage foundation used for?

True skin care in its own right, the covering foundation is ideal for effectively concealing imperfections . Whether pimples or scars, spots or redness (rosacea type), it is the only suitable make-up product. The classic make up will make them stand out more or suffocate the epidermis. However, as we know, damaged skin defends itself as best it can by producing more sebum, which leads to new pimples.

If the problems are localized, it is quite possible to apply it only where the need arises .

It is also perfectly suited to hide a tattoo on the face or on the body . Because we may love them and assume them, we are sometimes led to hide them. And no classic makeup product, no matter how dark, can meet this challenge. Except the high-coverage foundation thanks to its exceptional pigmentation.

Very covering foundation: how does it work?

But what is this devilry? What are the characteristics that differentiate the very covering foundation from a traditional make-up product? How to enjoy the benefits of skin care while applying makeup? Can we have the perfect complexion with this famous foundation?

The virtues of an anti-imperfection treatment

What makes the characteristic of the covering foundation is its composition. Free of perfume, allergens and parabens, it is rich in soothing, anti-bacterial and healing active ingredients .

This allows it to both hide imperfections and treat them. This type of make-up product is more easily found in pharmacies than in consumer cosmetics stores.

What texture for a suitable make-up product?

Thanks to advances in the cosmetics industry, the very covering foundation is available in several textures. Beyond the tastes specific to each, it is the effects on the epidermis and its needs that will determine the choice.

The cream covering foundation is the most pigmented and the most soothing . To be reserved therefore to hide a tattoo or an area of ​​pimples. It is also ideal for reactive skin.

Skin care adapted to each problem

It is about the nature of the skin like many other things: we are not equal. And our cosmetics must absolutely be adapted to our type of skin, otherwise the problems will increase.

Dry , sensitive or atopic skin needs maximum hydration. They will therefore prefer a fluid or liquid covering foundation . Flee in this case the foam textures, which tend to dry out.

For combination to normal skin, the mineral powder helps even out the complexion, mask imperfections, while absorbing excess sebum from the T zone.

Finally, for oily skin , the problem to be treated is at the level of dilated pores, acne or excess sebum. The ideal makeup product should let the skin breathe, not be greasy so as not to clog pores, and be non-comedogenic.

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