How to choose your plus size wedding suit?

size wedding suit

It is often mistakenly thought that women are privileged in the choice offered to them for their wedding dress. However, men today pay just as much attention to how they look on their wedding day and do not wish to be “like the others”. But do you still need to know how to choose your plus size wedding suit ? You will have to take into account several elements such as your morphology and the association of colors.

Take into account its morphology

You thought that the question of morphologies was reserved for ladies? Know that you are wrong, you too must rely on yours to find the plus size wedding suit that will enhance your build . To do this, we will first define whether or not you belong to the XXL men ‘s category .

Build and stature

If you are tall and your jacket size is greater than or equal to 50 , then you fall into the large size category . Your stature prevents you from finding an ideal groom’s suit, because often the sleeves seem too short, just like the length of the groom’s jackets that you try. It is therefore towards the plus size wedding boutiques that you should go.

The build

If you have a sturdy build and your jacket size is 58 or greater , are you having trouble zipping your jacket or putting it on and your shoulders are wider than your height? You are not necessarily a round man, but rather a square man . Standard bridal shops will struggle to dress you properly for the big day.

The weight

It is also to be taken into account, especially if you are a little plump . That is to say with some curves in the belly and rounded buttocks. You are said to have an O body shape, just like women.

how to choose a plus size wedding suit

To choose the jacket for your plus size wedding  suit , it is on the side of the shoulders that you will have to look. To know if your jacket is correctly fitted, the angle of the shoulder must be clear and that it falls perfectly well. If there are folds, it is too big, on the contrary, if it is too tight, it is too small . For the length of it, it should not fall below your hips. Last point, the sleeves. To prevent them from being too short or too long, the indicator is to follow is your shirt . Indeed, it should protrude about 1 centimeter from your costume sleeve when your arm is along your body and 2 or 3 centimeters when it is folded.

For bending, you must be able to close the buttons of your jacket, without having to tuck in your stomach.

How to choose your plus size groom pants?

Moving on to plus size wedding pants , these should fit snugly without constricting your stomach or waist. In addition, it should not be too short or too long in the legs either. When you are upright and straight, there should be only one crease above the shoe. It’s still the happiest day of your life, not just one day among many others.

There is also a point not to be overlooked on your groom’s suit pants: the pockets  ! These must be perfectly flat , both at the front and at the back and must not gape, at the risk of weighing down your silhouette .

What color for his plus size wedding suit?

For the question of color, there are two clans: those who cannot do without colors and those who prefer sobriety. It is true that black wedding suits tend to refine the silhouette. However, on your wedding day, you can afford to be a bit fancy . Maybe not a bright orange suit, but fairly dark and not too bright colors like plum, burgundy, bottle green, royal blue, etc. This year, it’s the green groom’s suit that’s popular!

In addition, you can also choose the finish of your suit: matte or glossy . Know gentle men, that the glossy and satin finish tends to widen the silhouette, unlike the matte finish which allows it to be refined.

Last  point, if you like originality, be aware that suits with large checks and horizontal stripes tend to widen the silhouette. Prefer a very small check, or even a hound stooth.

how to choose a plus size wedding suit

We often think of the groom’s suit when the big day approaches, but unless you’re very hot, you’ll need to find a shirt to wear under your suit. But what color will you choose?

First thing, even before choosing the color, you must feel good and free to move when you wear it. Then you can choose the color. It should match your suit, but avoid tone-on-tone (black suit, black shirt), but don’t replicate the rainbow either. Maximum  three colors in your entire outfit. For the most classic, a white or ivory shirt and for the original, why not match it to your partner’s dress  or your everyday style? Let your personality speak.

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