The eternal rose: a gift full of emotions

gift full of emotions

If in Asia it is the red peony with abundant and generous shapes that reigns over the world of flowers, in the West it is indisputably the rose. The rose has long carried powerful emotions, especially love and passion of course when it is red in color. However, it is not reduced, far from it, to a romantic flower reserved for couples and lovers. It is an incredibly complex and thrill-rich flower that has spanned the ages beguiling all who have encountered it. Offering an eternal rose is therefore a particularly thoughtful gesture that will fill the recipient with joy.

This unique present indeed takes on a meaning full of affection, commitment and represents the exceptional testimony of a special, deep and lasting relationship. Focus on the incredible power of roses.

What rose to give?

Contrary to popular belief, the rose is not reserved for romantic relationships alone. It is true of course that she is the star of Valentine’s Day, but also of a successful statement. Provided you respect a few codes: choose red roses of course, and in relevant numbers.

red roses

For example, a single rose to open your heart, two to be forgiven, thirty-six for an engagement bouquet, and more than a hundred for a fiery declaration .

An eternal gold rose not only makes it possible to provoke the “whaou” effect that one expects with a heavy heart when declaring one’s love or realizing one’s marriage proposal, but it offers a marvelous memory of this unique moment.

orange roses

Note, therefore, that the eternal rose can also be addressed to a relationship other than love, for example to a mother, a grandmother whom we adore, a sister with whom we are very close, or even a friend who is like a sister.

Similarly, elders are instead offered white roses , as a sign of homage and deference. An eternal rose is a very special and magical way to mark the feelings we have for them: a boundless love, which will live forever. A bracelet and/or a necklace accompanied by a customizable eternal rose petal also allows you to take this unparalleled feeling with you everywhere.

The rose: eternal beauty

It must be said that the symbol of the eternal rose is part of an absolutely exceptional story. The rose is a flower that has intrigued and charmed the greatest poets, the most refined civilizations, princes and princesses for millennia.

Since Antiquity, in Greece and Rome of course, but also in China or Persia, the rose has been a symbol of eternal love . Whether it’s the poet Hesiod, King Midas (the one who turned lead into gold) taking his roses into exile, or even the Song of Songs, the rose is omnipresent in the most important stories in history. .

The mythological Greek king Midas had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. Above is a 19th century engraving of King Midas turning his roses into gold.

It is the flower of Aphrodite and Venus, but also used in the books of the great monotheistic religions.

Closer to us, whether in Gaul, the Frankish King dom or later, the rose is obviously inscribed in the depths of our history, like an eternal flower. Kings like Childebert 1st in the Middle Ages had their rose garden.

We can also think of the poetry of Ronsard who encouraged “picking the roses of life today” or, in the 20th century, of a Gilbert Bécaud proclaiming “the important thing is the rose”. The eternal rose is also the symbol of this majestic and superb story.

Choose the right vase

Eternal rose under a heart-shaped bell, rose petal and its elegant teardrop necklace or even a gold rose: they deserve the most beautiful setting, which is why we have taken care to develop the most stylish customizable vases to dress with style an interior decoration.

gold eternal rose

It is also possible, if you prefer to offer freshly cut flowers, or an armful of multicolored roses, or even a floral arrangement prepared by a florist, to place these flowers in a vase specially chosen for the occasion.

A vase personalized and engraved by us for a wedding, an anniversary, a housewarming, a statement or a Mother’s Day will be the most beautiful effect. Without forgetting, of course, to change the water daily to keep the roses as long as possible and to reuse the engraved vase… forever of course!

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