Memorable texts to wish a happy wedding anniversary

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love is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things that exists on this planet. For this reason, it should be celebrated whenever the occasion arises, right? Two lovebirds in your entourage are preparing to celebrate their wedding anniversary: ​​this moment is to be marked with a white stone so that it remains in everyone’s memories!

Whether the wedding is a recent event or dates back several decades, you want to congratulate those concerned with a little message . Are you looking for inspiration to wish them a happy wedding anniversary? Stop the syndrome of the white sheet, our team comes to the rescue and offers you today to discover 14 ideas of texts to transmit your wishes , whether by means of a card or an SMS.

While the memories of the wedding are still fresh, it’s time for you to write a little congratulations card to the bride and groom for having already held on the first year and wish them much happiness to come!

Already a year since you said “yes” to yourself, how time flies! One thing is certain: you still have great years ahead of you and fabulous moments to share. Seeing you happy together fills us with happiness, we send you all our congratulations on your cotton wedding anniversary!

Phew, here is a first step is taken: 1 year of marriage, it’s worth celebrating! Perhaps not with a sumptuous party, as many champagne and guests as on D-Day, but we are counting on you to sprinkle this event as it should! Congratulations to both of you !

On this day that seals your cotton wedding anniversary, we sincerely hope that there is as much love between you as on the first day. That your couple remains united and endures over time: this is our dearest wish.

Happy wedding anniversary. We have a thought for you on this day which marks your X years of marriage! Hugs from the whole family.

After having attended your fabulous wedding on this memorable day which was the XXX, today we have the joy of sending you all our congratulations on your wedding anniversary. X years already, and this is only the beginning! Congratulations to you both and long life to the bride and groom!

Marriage is already in itself a very engaging act, but a marriage that lasts is even better! We are very happy to see that yours is working and that you are firmly united. Your complicity is a pleasure to see and we hope that all your projects will succeed. You seem well launched! Congratulations on this wedding anniversary.

Wedding congratulations from parents for their children

As parents, you had a ringside seat at your daughter’s or son’s wedding. And this marriage caused many changes within your family because it allowed a new person to enter your circle. Looking for an inspirational text template? Here are some ideas for messages to send to your children on their wedding anniversary:

We are so proud to see that your marriage endures over time. At the same time, the least we can say is that you have chosen your husband / wife well! It is in your interest to do everything to keep him / her as long as possible. Congratulations to both of you, your happiness is priceless!

To our adored son / daughter, we are sending you this short note today to let you know of our immense joy to see your couple celebrating their X years of marriage. This new anniversary that you are celebrating today only reinforces a little more the solidity of your couple that you have already shown us on many occasions.

Through this little card, we send you our best wishes for this new year of marriage that you are approaching hand in hand. We are very happy to have the first name of the groom among us in our family. You are an exemplary couple who breathe joy and love. May your happiness never stop growing and radiate as much as possible around you.

Humorous Wedding Congratulations Messages

In order to congratulate a couple who are going to celebrate their wedding anniversary, do you want to play the humor card this year? All occasions are good for laughing a little and bringing lightness to the daily life of the newlyweds you love.

Many years ago, two naive lovers got married! “To err is human” goes the saying!

The proof: the prince charming has become a boring man while the beautiful princess has become a tigress!

And yet, you have proven us wrong time and time again. Today, your wedding anniversary is just more proof that true love still exists. And you embody it to perfection, so congratulations to you both and long live the newlyweds!

After X years of marriage, this is proof for both of them that you should never despair of finding the right person. Congratulations to you both, your union has verified the saying “On a misunderstanding, it can work! “. You did well to push this misunderstanding to the wedding, because you are still together today, and happier than ever.

You know the quote from Sacha Guitry who said: “Marriage is big words before, little words during and big words after. So the question is: after these X years of marriage that you are celebrating today, where are you? We still hope that politeness is still there between you, but we don’t have too many doubts about that given how much you radiate together! Congratulations lovers and long life to your union!

We knew you were madly in love with each other, but not that you were both mad enough to get married. Obviously, you did well because you are celebrating your X years of marriage today! Congratulation !

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