The top 5 clothes to customize for an EVJF

5 clothes to customize

Your best friend is getting married shortly and you are in charge of organizing her bachelorette party? You probably need to know the top 5 clothes to customize for a bachelor party! Indeed, if you want this unique day to be unforgettable, you cannot miss out on personalized clothing.

1. The T-shirt: the safe bet

The essential personalized t-shirt is a safe bet for your best friend’s bachelorette party, because it will make an impression and it will keep for many years. A memory to keep jealously, because what happens in  EVJF stays in EVJF, right?

For the choice of t-shirt, you can opt for a single-sleeved t-shirt or a tank top if the season is right.

Personalization for each: guest, witness, family, bride, etc.

If you have a creative spirit, you can personalize your t-shirts yourself with paint; printed photos, pins, etc.

2. The sweatshirt: for a rainy but happy EVJF!

If your girlfriend decides to get married in winter or autumn, the personalized t-shirt will not be there (or else, well hidden under a sweater!). This is why it is also possible to create a personalized sweatshirt! A very warm and very soft sweatshirt is a personalized garment that combines the useful, the pleasant and the fun. You know, the one you want to wear when it’s raining downpour outside in the middle of autumn. Here it is!

Once you have found the ideal sweater (either on a site that offers customization directly, or you customize the sweaters yourself), all you have to do is define the customization and color of it.

Unlike t-shirts, sweatshirts offer more space to personalize your bachelorette party garment: the hood, the sleeves, the front and the back.

For the text, you can choose from the same messages available as on the t-shirts. On the other hand, you can customize the hood and the sleeves for even more customization:

However, count on a slightly higher budget than for a t-shirt, because there are more fabrics and it is thicker and more expensive, especially on the fleece sweatshirt that you will love to wear for sports !

3. The cap: practical and stylish

The space dedicated to personalization on a cap is greatly reduced. However, you can combine it with a personalized t-shirt. Additionally, you can choose to equip only the bride with a cap , to further differentiate her from the other women present that day.

However, nothing prevents you from equipping the whole gang, especially if you are on a tight budget, because the personalized cap is the cheapest personalized garment on the market.

4. The swimsuit: the trendiest!

Is the EVJF planned by the pool or at the sea? Why not opt ​​for a personalized swimsuit? One piece or two pieces, you are sure to find what you are looking for among the various online clothing customization stores.

To personalize your swimsuits , we recommend that you flock them, so that they are more durable. Indeed, the paint may fade with water and time. For flocking a text of your choice or a photo .

However, remember to ask for everyone’s preferences, so as not to create any embarrassment.

5. The mask: the essential of the moment

Unfortunately, for more than a year, the mask has been an integral part of our lives. So, might as well brighten it up a bit for the EVJF. Especially if you have planned outings where it is necessary: ​​restaurants, cultural places, bars, etc.

In addition, you can personalize your mask with a text (quoted above), a funny image or a photo. Prefer cotton masks (always Afnor certified), they are more comfortable to wear and above all, they are washable and reusable, it can always be useful!

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