7 Different Ways to Wear A Dupatta

Wear A Dupatta

Dupatta is a versatile and beautiful piece of cloth that adds elegance and grace to any traditional Indian dress. But what makes the dupatta truly special is the way it adds a touch of romance and femininity to any outfit. The soft and flowing fabric can be draped in a way that creates a sense of movement and fluidity, making the wearer feel like a graceful princess or a mystical goddess.

What is a dupatta?

A dupatta is a long, scarf-like piece of fabric that is traditionally worn with a kurti, lehenga choli, salwar kameez, sharara suit, and Anarkali dress that is popular in Indian ethnic fashion.

One of the most charming things about a dupatta is the way it can be styled in a myriad of ways to create a unique look every time. It can be draped over the head and shoulders for a traditional look, wrapped around the neck like a scarf for a formal ensemble, or even used as a belt or sash for dressing up.

Different Ways to Wear Your Dupatta

1. Dupattas are the unsung heroes of ethnic wear for women. They’re like the icing on the cake, the chutney in the chaat, and the spices in your biryani. You get the idea.

2. But if you’re tired of the same old ways of styling your dupatta, we have something for you! Here are some fresh and fabulous ideas that are sure to turn heads at the next sangeet or festive party.

3. The Peacock: Drape the dupatta over one shoulder and let it fall diagonally across your body. Then, take one corner and tuck it into your waistband. This will create a tail-like effect that will make you look as majestic as a peacock!

4. The “Cape” Look: Feeling like a superhero? Drape your dupatta over both shoulders and pin it on one side to create a cape-like effect. This look is perfect for those who want to add some oomph to their outfit.

5. The “Saree-Pallu” Look: If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try draping your dupatta like a designer saree This style works best with flowy fabrics like chiffon and georgette.

6. Free fall: Keep it casual with the free fall double-drape look. Just drape your dupatta over both shoulders and let it hang loose. This dupatta-wearing style goes great with kurtis and tunics.

7. The Lehenga Style: This style is perfect for wedding wear and formal events. Take one end of the dupatta and tuck it into the waistband of your sharara, lehenga skirt, or palazzo bottom. Drape the rest of the dupatta over your head and shoulders, letting it fall gracefully behind you.

Shawl drape: Simply wrap your dupatta like a shawl around your shoulders for a sleek Bollywood-inspired look. This dupatta drape looks elegant with silk or heavy dupattas.

One-arm Drape: If you have a sheer dupatta with heavy work on it, this style will be perfect for you. Simply drape it over your shoulder and let it fall a bit onto one arm. This will show off your beautiful dupatta and make you look stylish.

So the next time you’re getting ready for a wedding or a festive occasion, don’t forget to experiment with your dupatta and make it your own. With so many unique and creative ways to style it, the possibilities are truly endless!

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